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MEET “Vermont’s Forever Cycling Duo”

25 Feb



Eileen Strickland – Holtham, native Vermonter & husband, Dean – Both are passionate bicyclists.

In 1993 we rode “within sight of each other” on single 20 speed road bicycles.

By 1997, we went tandem, buying the conventional “bicycle-built-for-two”.

As we aged, the year 2000 had us “hunting” for a Recumbent Tandem. Our bodies were on self -destruct from the endless neck and lower back strains from the “cat position” associated with an old style tandem bicycle.

Once we test -pedaled a recumbent tandem – it was a “must have” we both agreed!

Now, twelve years later & having pedaled 25,000 miles plus, whether close to home or far away, we will forever ride our recumbent & nothing else!!!

Over the years “we three” (our tandem, Dean & I) have pedaled Islands; Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Prince Edward Island & the Magdelans, (located 5 hours by boat off the Canadian coast).

We have pedaled the USA states of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Rhode Island, & Massachusetts.

Canadian destinations include Nova Scotia, the Gaspe Penninsula, New Brunswick, Ontario, & Quebec.

In our extensive vacations (amounting to 2 weeks twice each year) Vermont’s 800 mile “loops” that Dean maps remain our most favorite. He “mixes” the mileage up each year so that we seldom see the identical scenery twice. Our Vermont trips are the ones we have most often repeated.

In our humble opinion, Vermont has the BEST, most hospitable bicycling environment of any state in the USA we have pedaled to date!


To follow us & read of our daily tandem rides, this year beginning March 1, 2012 – please see Eileen’s blog:




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