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April 15 – 21 “Tourists” celebrating…

22 Apr

After lengthy discussion we decided to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary by rising at 5AM Sunday, loading up the truck for an overnight in Massachusetts.

 The day from 9AM – 1:30PM was spent wandering the Todd Farm flea market in Rowley. Everything as to field design had changed due to the sons’ Dad having past away in the winter. The guys are working hard to improve all that is the flea & increasing its size too. If you ever have the chance to go, please do so with my recommendation! What we have learned from this last visit was to arrive there at 6AM as by 11AM the dealers are packing up…

The rest of the day we spent whiling away the hours strolling the beach of nearby Plumb Island, home to the Piping Plover sea birds.

We had a yummy dinner at my Husbands fav restaurant in Newburyport – “The Grog”. His menu choice is always the sweet potato burrito, while I tend to wander blissfully elsewhere – this meal trying the alfredo pasta with chicken & mushrooms.

Monday we took a lazy return trip back to Vermont using a majority of old roads – not the interstate so no pedal.

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday we pedaled to the Bethel diner & back.

Saturday I was on the run to the once a year 5 College Book Sale  & all 4 yard sales that were in the local newspaper. I managed to be welcomed in to a couple of yard sales listed as opening at 10AM at 8:15AM so that REALLY excited me!

The 5 College Book Sale, which I hadn’t been to in 5 years, now requires a MAP of the set up given to you as you enter before you have a clue where things are located. Good luck even then!

 I learned too late that a first priority is to come armed with sturdy tote bags. Not to be discouraged as my flimsy plastic bags burst leaving a pile of rubble scattered behind me, I decided to just brave the massive check – out lines & carry my piles of books to the Happy car 5 different times!

What WAS most helpful (once I caught on) was once ready to pay up I scurried about asking each lady in a red apron if they were capable of “express check -out”. This meant they took you out of the line & added up your items – you paid them cash, & they gave you a yellow receipt. As you hiked out the back door, a seated security person made a red check mark on your receipt, allowing you to exit.

There definitely were “buys” to be had! I scored a “New Hampshire Beautiful” book by Wallace Nutting for an unheard of $3…

If I hadn’t been there myself I never would have believed someone telling me that EVERY parking spot at Lebanon High School was taken & that for a couple hundred more – people made their own!!!

Never have I witnessed SO MANY people enslaved to so many books! I was in awe of the few that were left for today’s markdown sale.

 Proves to me that all the Kindles on the globe are NOT about to replace a REAL book in a readers hands – & to that I say “YIPPEE!”   🙂   (c)   “E”


April 8 – 14 The Easter Bunny etc.

22 Apr

Sunday our wheels were parked as we celebrated Easter with family & friends. What was missing was the 10 tiny grandchildren from 3 different states in the USA. It was just TOO quiet without them!  

Monday it took awhile to reconfigure & get home so no pedal this day either!

Tuesday & Friday we pedaled 10+ miles to the Bethel diner & home.

Every Wednesday is my one errand day of the week as I sit & visit 2 ladies for 3 hours at some point. Great to have a breather!

Saturday we pedaled 20+ miles to the newly opened East Randolph store & back.

(c)   “E”


April 1 – 7 NOT alot of miles…

8 Apr

Hate to say it but Monday through Thursday we pedaled NOT a single mile! The weather, convincing us that winter has not yet left with its blustery, chilling one to their bones winds, along with brutal cold caused us to turn the house heat up & keep a low profile.

Friday – 4/6   We force ourselves to dress 3 layers thick to brave the unforgiving wintry weather & climb aboard the tandem for a brisk pedal to the Creek House Diner in Bethel. I am proud to say we are keeping our agreement NOT to eat in favor of further mileage. Last year would have seen us having lunch at the diner rather than continuing to pedal!

Saturday – 4/7   Waited until 1:45PM before mounting up in hopes of true warmth as the thermometer read 50 degrees! Not! Felt a crisp 20 above with nonstop winds that felt as though we were held stationery, going nowhere as our pedals spun. We turned around at Tunbridge General Store & headed for home.

Notes of interest – First Dandelions seen in full bloom & yellow straw flowers too! Many a green leaf standing tall beginning the wake up to bloom other wildflowers.

We question the purpose of massive clear cutting of trees near So Ro cemetery & another place along the river stretch near Welch’s Hardware. What’s to come? Is Route 14 to be widened? As pedalers we have exhaustive time to wonder…

Just 30+ miles pedaled this week. Hopeful of more next week…

 As our 5th wedding anniversary comes on Friday the 13th — I am curious how many more years before it happens again??? Any suggestions how to celebrate???

“E”   (c)

RTB dressed for “tripping”…

2 Apr

“Us 3 becomes 4”

2 Apr

& here is the Neo! It is a wordprocessor mounted to our tandem enabling me to write whatever is on my mind while I pedal… 1,000,000 thanks to Dean for being its inventor of the cage that makes this possible. Neo is removable as weather during our travels is never dependable! Makes me wish I could have one on my single bicycle?

Happy April & a few less miles pedaled…

1 Apr

Sunday – 3/25   The rains poured so we busied ourselves in the house!

Monday – 3/26  Snow fell, severe cold & a blustery take-your-breath-away wind so again no pedal!

Tuesday – 3/27  Winter returns with temperatures in the low 20s & continued the same for the following Wednesday & Thursday so the tandem enjoys a respite as do we. Has to be minimum 30 degrees for us to brave a pedal. The winds continue, refusing to quit & are blustery!

Friday –  3/30  We are out on the tandem with the mercury at 35 degrees. Feelings of winter tho we make ourselves get the tandem out & pedal to Creek House Diner & return. We were glad we did!

Saturday – 3/31  Chilly still, we begin the pedal & end up over at the Tunbridge General Store which has reopened again. I enjoy this trek as there are barns to see, an occassional yard sale to haunt, & the terrain is better than most of the tar roads once we are on Route 110 heading out of So Ro. Dean comments we pedaled faster than most days. By the time we returned home the temperature was at 50+ degrees & I begged him to pedal another 25 miles! Dean declined as we both had been awake 19 hours + — time sure flies!

(c)   “E”