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April 29 – May 5, 2012 Pedals twirl…

6 May

Sunday –  We pedal 20+ miles to Tunbridge General store using Route 14 & Route 110. I am in awe of the increase in different wildflowers that are blooming! What a difference a week seems to make. Terriliums, Marsh Marigolds, Dutchmens Breeches, Bloodroot, Bluets, Strawflowers, & a couple that were a mystery to me. Where IS my wildflower book to solve this mystery?

Monday – A relaxed pedal using the back River Road in South Royalton both ways. Chewed down a protein bar at the end of the bridge before our turnaround. I used the guardrails to stretch my legs. Sitting in the warming sun made us both yearn to pedal further. Yet another 20+ miles!

Tuesday through Friday  – The chilling, dreadful rains return once more to convince us to become shut – ins! Got a handful of home chores started, the unexpected time indoors put to good use.

Saturday – We pedal a second time to Tunbridge General store. What was different THIS trip was a NEW seat on the tandem in my spot! A new design wasn’t without its need for stops & adjustments! It tries my patience but getting rid of the crick in my neck from the old seat being slightly twisted is a welcomed relief.

As you may remember, our tandem with us on board was hit by a drunk driver in a hit & run accident not far from the old Greenhurst Inn out in Bethel on Route 107. God blessed us for the tandem to take the damages – ($1200 worth)! Dean & I were blessed to get up from being sprawled into the main road with 10 cars speeding toward us, dust ourselves off, & walk away! The day was March 31, 2007 – 13 days from our wedding day of Friday the 13th April 2007 !   SPOOKY???

(c)   “E”   🙂


April 22 – 28, 2012 Weather keeps us IN…

6 May

Of all days this week – Thursday –  was the only one of welcoming Spring temperatures. We began going for our short ride to Bethel as the skies threatened yet another return of the steady rains. Once in Bethel, with sun shining, we decided to pedal on – after all we WILL dry out!

 Continuing along Route 107 to Gaysville we were quick to run into the “start & stops” of road construction crews every couple miles due to the ongoing road & riverbank repairs recovering from Hurricane Irene that struck us on August 28, 2011. 

Once in Gaysville we hung a right over the bridge & began the meander back following Peavine Boulevard, a dirt road that ends back out on Route 107, following the backside of the White River.

We aren’t habitual pedaling dirt roads (actually preferring NOT to) but considering  what we had just been through, we decided to risk it. All went well, with little traffic being a surprise, & our eyes getting a different perspective of the Irene damage.

A memorable day! Hopeful of a better week next week…   (c)   “E”