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Month of July 2012 – caught up — finally!

30 Jul

9 more trips on various days when the high heat & humidity was survivable, pedaling to Bethels’ Creek House Diner. We are proud of ourselves for surviving my “behavior modification” of no longer stopping for our daily lunch at the restaurant! What a difference…

On July 8 we pedaled 70+ miles. Leaving home pedaling south on Rt. 14 to Hartford village, then into Quechee using the back river road & the Old Quechee Road. From there, went out past Quechee Lakes golf course, ending up over in Woodstock. (I begged a stop for a barn “photo shoot!) Meandered along Rt.12 back to Bethel – then a right on to Rt. 107 to return home. A bit hot & humid to the extreme for my liking — some Sundays are like that!

On July 22 left early for Hartford village via Rt. 14 south. Once there, after having a snack, we pedaled our return using the same route in reverse. Close to 50 miles once home!

Possibly just one more short 10 mile ride before we pedal into August…


Month of June 2012 An increase in pedals…

30 Jul

This month we pedaled a total of 9 times to Bethel’s Creek House Diner!

One Saturday we spent pedaling to Sharon.

There was one ride to East Bethel before turning around on June 12.

This was our max for the month due to other family commitments that demanded our attentions elsewhere.

Rains cancelled our ride plan for a half dozen days. A better showing than the month of May…



May 6 – May 31, 2012 Pedal catch – ups…

30 Jul

On the 17th & 26th the tandem was out – prior to that day, there were just too many other commitments & FUN times that required our presence! We pedaled to Sharon from home for an uneventful 20+ mile ride. Route 14 remains in need of serious tar repair due to Irene.

May 21 – With heat & humidity to the extreme we pedal this day to Barnard & back. A longer ride as have the time to enjoy the day, having got up at 4AM. Another 20+ mile pedal…

May 19, 24, & 31 – Our tandem took us out for daily exercise that Dean believes  “is enough to get us the required workout” traveling to Bethel’s Creek House Diner & return. The mileage for these pedals is 10+ miles. (D’s timing us by watch is normal on THIS ride!)