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August 2012 -WHERE did the month go?

29 Sep

10 trips various days before work to Bethel’s Creek House Diner this month.
UNusual to note I pedaled my SINGLE bicycle to Bethel to use the bank. Before doing my business, I passed an elderly gentleman walking into town who continues to be a dear friend from my childhood life of living in Bethel on the “Chicken Hollow Road”. Decided to chance leaving my bike alone in town & accompany the friend on his errands & then share his walk to his home. I made his day!!! (& mine too)
On Aug. 11th we pedaled to 2 different locations. In the morning we went to Creek House Diner & shared a creemee. In the afternoon we pedaled on to Sharon to visit that areas first “Solar Fest” – quite the experience though neither of us desire to witness the “quilting” of what once were Vt’s prime farmland meadows in solar panel monstrosities!!!
Our USA made custom handmade recumbent tandem bicycle split the massive crowds of strangers who came to the gathering! I was sad to be forced to leave early before the night shadows made their debut…

On the 13th D & I pedaled our tandem to White River Junction & back – 50+ miles by the time we returned! The trip took us 4 & 1/2 hours as we weren’t in any hurry…
On the 26th we pedaled to Sharon to try Sandy’s Drive-In Restaurant newly advertised breakfast. The ride was 30+ miles by our lunch time return.