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Attempting to share…

30 Dec

Monday Sept


Rides for December…

30 Dec

Just 2 rides this entire month as the snowflakes finally came to stay!
On 12/13 with temperature just +30 degrees, we pedaled to Bethel’s Creek House Diner.
The following day, Saturday we made the effort to pedal a long ride to East Randolph! As it was much colder & late day I asked that we turn around for home 3 miles shy of completion. I’d rather not freeze a body part! Sure was frigid that day…
The rest of Dec. has been just too cold & too much snow!

Shout out for help please…

23 Dec

Can any of my followers explain to me in simplified terms how to get a Microsoft Word document from my desktop fully copied to this blog? 1,000,000 thanks!

Nov. 2012 – Winter is “in the air”…

17 Dec

Just 7 pedals the entire month.

On the 9th we shared our longest ride – going to Sharon.

On the 2nd, 10th, 15th, 20th, 22nd, & 23rd we journeyed to Bethel’s Creek House Diner.

The onset of cold bothers the Captain,Dean so I let him make the call whether we venture out (or not)!

& during Oct.

17 Dec

Sad to think we pedaled just 2 long rides this entire month!

On the 5th we rode to Sharon & back – 20+ miles.

On the 8th we pedaled to West Hartford – 30+ miles.

Our month was shortened by tripping as tourists to Cape May, NJ to witness the wild bird migration for what we intended to be 9 enjoyable days! Unfortunately our trip was cut short by the threat of Hurricane Sandy… We raced home safe though took a $ loss for having left early as our Inn refused our asking for a refund (though they gave it to others!)… Better to lose money then our lives!!!

We HIGHLY recommend a stay in Cape May – never had we seen so many birds in one place & enjoyed free bird walks, self guided & those with knowledgeable guides! IF, like us you are birdwatchers – Cape May IS the BEST place to witness all that IS the migration…

Sept. update…

17 Dec

We pedaled to Creek House Diner in Bethel on the 6th of the month.

The 10th, after a wait for the rains to clear, we set off on a loaded tandem for Rangeley, Maine – intending to pedal 800 miles. Cell phones were found to be worthless when wanting to keep in touch with our loved ones at home.

I wrote while pedaling the entire trip, (47+ pages!), that became shortened to 600 miles with the unexpected death of Dean’s Mom (MY beloved “Mrs. H”).

We returned home on the 23rd of the month – seeing Rangeley, Maine.