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Vt’s Forevercycling Duo “Catching up”…

23 Jul

So MUCH has happened the past few months Рwhere do I begin? ALOT of pedaling our recumbent tandem bicycle more miles per day than usual. Have been visiting Gaysville, Pittsfield, Tunbridge, Sharon, & Bethel  more than in the past. The humidity has had us working up a dripping sweat on an everyday basis!

This photo was taken by a pro photographer that put us in the newspaper & on the local Camden, Maine TV station the day we did a “turn – around” for the pedal home… It was a great feeling to pedal ourselves from our central VT. homestead all the way to the eastern most point on the entire Northeast seaboard & then back home again!!! Anyone else reading this ever done the same???

In the future will return to posting once each month…Image