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March is here… and out comes the tandem!

28 Mar

Our first tandem ride this year happened on March 10 – a 50 degree day, though by the time we returned home after a 25+ mile ride from here to East Randolph country store the temps were in the 20 above range. Think it took us 3 days to recoup our normal body temp! That ride was a navigational nightmare handled by Captain Dean as route 14 never misses a chance to put potholes & frost heaves of the monster kind in a bicyclist’s path.

2nd tandem pedal – Thursday, March 28, 2013. The temps are slight over 30 degrees above. There is a wintry residual chill to the air that blows in our face as we make tracks toward Bethel.
I have 3 layers (thermal, sweatshirt, fleece jacket) on top & 1 layer (fleece short pants) for bottom. Glad I added wool socks for feet coverage! They are forever the coldest part of me…
These short fleece pants are the best for winter since there isn’t a chance the bicycle chain grease can smear to ruin them – they are that snug in fit. It took me forever to find the right configuration! Most people who know me realize that I practice frugality. A majority of my fashion wardrobe comes from my on-going self imposed challenge of finding my necessary bicycling clothing in thrift shops I frequent. Not a simple task where I live as few people pedal & if they do they seldom donate season’s end cycling clothes still with life left in them!
SO if any of you blog followers happen to be haunting Goodwill or the like & see any usable cycling clothes (size M – matters NOT whether male or female!) send them MY way? 

Dean is refusing to down shift so dragon breaths are fast to come this morn 11AM. Traffic is steadier – guess since it is already Thursday of the week?
The snow is slower to go than in most winters in recent memory – that gives the winds that blow the berating chill. BRRRRRR!
We feel the urge to pedal & today since I was home & Dean arrived early from work – out we went!
We heard the first loose barking attack dog today on our turn around 12 miles from home. That dog deserves a lot of credit as his bark sounded fierce! When I got a look at him that pooch wasn’t any bigger than my size 9 shoe! We paid it no mind as the house sits a distance from the road we journeyed across a distant meadow where once a farm flourished. That is now a 40 year old memory from my childhood! Aging stops for no one…
& still we live to pedal, believing “our health is our wealth”, so my prayers are answered! 
On today’s trek we notice a neighbor having had a log truck load of kindling size logs dumped in a heap in the far back reaches of the family door yard. I have known this couple since I attempted my first walking steps upright fist clinging to Daddy’s untucked shirt tail. The man of the house is within 5 – 10 years of my beloved late Daddy’s age. Dean comments that the gent must be in “some kind of shape!” to be planning the chain saw work followed by splitting of the massive woodpile this load will succumb to making. I tell him when you’re a native Vermonter, as I know these people to be – it’s just what one does for the future maintenance of everyday life…
I salute them – none are finer than Mr. Russ, his 12 children, & the Mrs.!
The new bridge on Bethel’s South Main Street hasn’t opened as our local paper had reported back on March 1. There isn’t a single piece of “eye candy” (men) at work today! What’s up with that? 
Until next time… Get YOUR pedals spinning… Safe & happy travels!

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March 1, 2013 — Already!!!

1 Mar

Our tandem remains in winter storage. Our feet the past 3 weeks have been walking in preparation for when the bicycle wheels can role safe on the road. The hour + spent trudging fast pace to McC’s store is one well spent! Too much water, mud, & slop to risk it yet using the tandem. We are both counting the days – it won’t be long now! Has anyone built a snowman? Daily temperatures climb to 40 degrees & soon I will be out on my single 2 wheels. We are considering destinations for our pedal of long distance. A mapping with a few LESS mountains to climb would be my idea of Heaven! ANY suggestions please?

Rides for December…

30 Dec

Just 2 rides this entire month as the snowflakes finally came to stay!
On 12/13 with temperature just +30 degrees, we pedaled to Bethel’s Creek House Diner.
The following day, Saturday we made the effort to pedal a long ride to East Randolph! As it was much colder & late day I asked that we turn around for home 3 miles shy of completion. I’d rather not freeze a body part! Sure was frigid that day…
The rest of Dec. has been just too cold & too much snow!

Shout out for help please…

23 Dec

Can any of my followers explain to me in simplified terms how to get a Microsoft Word document from my desktop fully copied to this blog? 1,000,000 thanks!

August 2012 -WHERE did the month go?

29 Sep

10 trips various days before work to Bethel’s Creek House Diner this month.
UNusual to note I pedaled my SINGLE bicycle to Bethel to use the bank. Before doing my business, I passed an elderly gentleman walking into town who continues to be a dear friend from my childhood life of living in Bethel on the “Chicken Hollow Road”. Decided to chance leaving my bike alone in town & accompany the friend on his errands & then share his walk to his home. I made his day!!! (& mine too)
On Aug. 11th we pedaled to 2 different locations. In the morning we went to Creek House Diner & shared a creemee. In the afternoon we pedaled on to Sharon to visit that areas first “Solar Fest” – quite the experience though neither of us desire to witness the “quilting” of what once were Vt’s prime farmland meadows in solar panel monstrosities!!!
Our USA made custom handmade recumbent tandem bicycle split the massive crowds of strangers who came to the gathering! I was sad to be forced to leave early before the night shadows made their debut…

On the 13th D & I pedaled our tandem to White River Junction & back – 50+ miles by the time we returned! The trip took us 4 & 1/2 hours as we weren’t in any hurry…
On the 26th we pedaled to Sharon to try Sandy’s Drive-In Restaurant newly advertised breakfast. The ride was 30+ miles by our lunch time return.

March 18 – 24, 2012 80 miles in 5 days!

25 Mar

Sunday 3/18 – Dean & I & little sister took a day off the tandem. We drove to Montpelier, VT to attend the Green Mountain Film Festival. All of the films are made by amatuers chasing their “dreams” of being movie producers. Lucy decided after the first that this WASN’T her idea of movie making! She did go to the total 3 to give them a chance to convince her — they didn’t!   😦 Dean & I would be happy to go again anytime…

Monday 3/19 – Todays ride went from our home  to South Randolph traveling Route 107 a short way. The rest of the trip we pedaled Route 14. I was shocked to notice that the 2 locations of Pussywillow bushes (one next to the RR track on 107 & the other in a swamp on 14)  had already gone by! They don’t last long…

Tuesday 3/20 – Same pedal as Monday…

Wednesday 3/21 – NO ride as is customary! The 2 elderly ladies I visit demand too much of my time on Wednesdays, so I do all errands this day of the week before a later than usual bed time… LOVE those ladies dearly!   Noteworthy – this evening was the first of the Spring that the Peepers sang loud & succinct their joyous song… Welcome Spring!

Thursday 3/22 – Today we journeyed further up Route 14 all the way to East Randolph cemetery. Here, are buried all my paternal ancesters along with my folks. I bid them a hello & strolled to each stone of my Dad’s brothers & wives too. Forever missed as this part of our family tree were my favorites! Todays ride was close to 25 miles.

Friday 3/23 – This morn we waited awhile so the mercury could climb a bit. Spun our tandem wheels to the Creek House Diner just a couple miles outside of Bethel. Turned around rather than eating I am proud to say! The food is all homemade & it’s easy to lose track of time sharing in the hospitality the diner offers. 

Saturday 3/24 – The entire week had been summer -like with temperatures near 80 degrees. Today we are back to winters return! The thermometer may read 50 – but it feels more like 30. I dress heavy with 3 layers on the top, thermal undies, heavy fleece, then winter jacket. On my bottom half I chanced a single layer of sweatpants with smartwool socks.

   We pedaled to Sharon, VT from our homestead using Route 107, Route 14, & the Back River Road. Another 20+ miles by days end!   The devastation from Hurricane Irene that caused the worse flood since the one of 1927 continues to be evident most everywhere we look when pedaling this trip. August 28, 2011 will never be forgotten!

March 11 – 17 Weeks total = 60 miles!

23 Mar

Sunday – NO ride – WHERE does the time go???

Monday the 12th left home & looped to Tunbridge General Store & back. Route 14 hazardous with crumbling & frost heaves. The narrow underpasses make it slow in places. Route 110 a bit better. The hills roll easy pedaling in that direction! I could go across the USA if the job didn’t prevent it!

Tuesday the 13th was half the miles (10+) of Monday pedaling Route 14. A quarter of the way homeward bound & we are drenched with a pelting cold rain that changed to icy hail! Only so fast a tandem can roll in those conditions with it’s 2 riders sleep deprived… We persevered & were granted a safe journey! 1,000,000 thanks for that blessing!

Wednesday – NO ride as is true every Wednesday!

Thursday the 15th we repeat Tuesday’s pedal.

Friday – NO ride as rainy weather!

Saturday the 17th we pedal Route 14, cross the bridge into So Ro village & hang left to roll the back river road ending in a turn around for us to return using Route 14 a second time. Total this day 20+ miles! Sandy’s Drive In restaurant is reopened. Glad to see those possibilities have returned!

A phenomenal week!   🙂   (c) “E”